Meet the faces of Parkglen

Meet the faces <span>of Parkglen</span>

Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis’ Story

A bit of background

Phyllis was born in Koo We Rup on a potato farm in 1926 to British parents who came to Australia after WW1.  She was married at 21 and has 3 children.  She did office work for YMCA and after having children went back to work in a Kindergarten and bicycle shop until retiring.

Her Parkglen story

Phyllis moved to Parkglen 7 years ago when as she found herself increasingly on her own after her husband died 8 years previously and her children lived overseas or moved too far away to regularly visit.  Her sister who lives near Parkglen recommended the move.  She said it was difficult at first to settle as she moved away from her home and friends in Paynesville to start a new life.  However, she hasn’t regretted the decision and likes the company and safety Parkglen provides. Phyllis enjoys the luncheons and Dinner Dances every month, helps out on library duty, plays Crazy Whist twice a month and is on the Resident Representative Committee.

“Parkglen helps me live confidently as you can call if anything is wrong.  I no longer have to organise maintenance and upkeep of my home – it’s all done nicely and pleasantly.”

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