Home Care Packages: The power To Choose

Home Care Packages: The power <span>To Choose</span>

Home Care Packages

We at Parkglen offer Home Care packages. Your Home Care – Your Way!

Changes from 27th February 2017 now mean consumers have the power of choice over home care services in Melbourne

Home Care Services are based on ‘Consumer Directed Care’ basis, giving you control over the types of care and services you receive, how they’re delivered, by whom and when.  Home Care Packages are allocated directly to you, the consumer.  This means you can choose a provider that best meets your goals and needs.  You will be provided with a personalised budget to see how much funding is available and how the money is being used.  You can also change service providers if you wish, you simply take the package to a different approved provider to continue your care.

With our Home care packages, you have the choice to…

  • Have more say in the care and services you access, how it is delivered, and by whom
  • Develop your own care plan with your service provider
  • Determine how much involvement you want in managing your home care package
  • Understand more about how your package is funded, and how these funds will be spent
  • Monitor your package to determine whether it still meets your care needs

If you are not eligible for funding, you can still choose to have any home care services privately funded.

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