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Let us <span>Guide you</span>

Getting started With Home Care

Let us guide you through the process of getting home care how you want it.  Parkglen Home Care Services are specialists in-home care services and can advise you either on the phone, by email or in person about your wishes and needs and what services can help you.  Get in touch for a personalised consultation, our advice is free of charge and you are welcome to select whatever provider you choose after you decide what services you need.  If you choose us to provide your in-home care services, we can put a plan in place together with an experienced aged care coordinator and your personal support carer.  

Are you eligible for a Government-subsidised home care package?

You firstly need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422. You will be asked a few questions over 10 minutes to help work out your needs and help arrangements.  Please have your Medicare card ready and if you’re calling for a loved one, they will need to give their consent.

My Aged Care may arrange for an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to come to your home for a face-to-face assessment.  They can assess your care needs and eligibility for services and work with you to develop a support plan which addresses your wishes, goals and preferences.

You will be allocated a package by level (1-4).  Level 1 will be provided by local government and levels 2-4 will be provided by a service provider of your choice.   The main difference between levels is the amount of care and support services that can be provided.  The same services are available on all levels of packages.  You will be placed on a national waiting list when funds are available - My Aged Care will send you a letter that gives you an approval code.  You then have 56 days to look for a provider.  The service finder on the My Aged Care website can help you locate and compare services in your area.

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