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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Parkglen raises thousands for the elderly & families in need in Sri Lanka

Parkglen feels strongly about supporting communities in need.  One charity group close to our hearts is the Sri Lanka Madapatha Lions Club who help elderly people and families less fortunate than ours.  Last month, Parkglen held a large fundraiser ‘Hoppers’ night of curry, raffles and games for residents, their families & friends, as well as team members.  Money raised from the night, along with donations from the community and our suppliers (in particular, O’Briens Pharmacy) saw a total of $15,500 being raised for the charity’s various projects.

Kerrie Lavery, Parkglen’s CEO, flew out (at her own expense) and spent a week with the charity and saw directly how the money raised went to help the people in need. These projects included;

• Care packages containing essential food and toiletries given out in the queue on pension day to those elderly in need

• Sponsorship of primary school children ($70 per child) and high school students ($140 per child) providing materials, uniforms and travel expenses.  Students need to take an exam and needs are assessed in the home before scholarships are awarded.

• $5,000 was given to the cancer hospital for much needed hospital equipment (as stated by the hospital)

• Families in need including;
    o Scholarship of a 15-year old boy (parents are ill) and the extension and furnishing of his home which     didn’t have a roof or basic furniture
    o Medication for a 15-year old girl with brain tumours whose family couldn’t afford treatment
    o Equipment given to a boy with Cerebral palsy

• Breakfast given twice a week to a local pre school

• Education programs funded on vaccinations for a Maternal Child Care centre
Parkglen are proud to have been part of this fundraiser for such a worthy charity.  We continually have fundraisers throughout the year to help those in need in the local community and further afield.  If you want to speak to us about potentially partnering with Parkglen, please email us at

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